My name is River McTasney and I live my life like somebody is going to write a novel about it.  A good novel has a unique story and a moral you can learn from. I am constantly positioning my self to look at the world from different angles, different points of view, and different perspectives than the general population.  I definitely question the norm.  I believe the society norm makes us lazy and cuts down on creativity and effective work ethic.  

     I am not a republican and I am not a democrat.  I do not expect people to believe what I believe and I definitely do not believe in hand outs.  I grew up working to get what I want, (still do), and I think everybody else should do the same.  The difference between me and most everybody else is I see myself as simply, a player of the game.  Today's game is a game of money, time, and happiness and I am going to do whatever is necessary to win all three in the shortest amount of time possible.  I am not saying I expect it to be easy or I won't have to work to get it done but I know other people have done it and I can too.  Most importantly, I don't want to go by myself.  Whats the point if I get there and none of my friends/peers are there with me? So, here's the deal, I'll start from the same level as most. I'll lead the way and hit all the hidden mines and booby traps.  You just follow until you are comfortable enough to veer off and scribble your own path to your own story. I'll be listening for advice and suggestions along the way.



   I like to travel and upon graduation I bought a 1979 Winnebago Motorhome to live in.  I got it because it's different, it provides me opportunities and experiences that make a great story.  It has a certain amount of whimsy to it and it is unique.  I tell people my story, and why I chose it, and they are inspired by it.  As you read through my content you will understand what I am talking about.  

   My content is all based around some kind of experience I have with the Winnebago.  I tie my own and other's, valuable life lessons, to the experiences I have while living, working, and traveling out of the Winnebago.  My goal is not to change your mind but share my story.  Like my mother always said, If you don't like some things, take what you can learn from and throw away the rest. Please enjoy. 

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